The Advantages of Vinyl Siding

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Siding

Whether you’re planning for your next home improvement project or you want to replace the current siding of your rental property in Cincinnati, vinyl siding is an ideal option for you. Vinyl siding refers to a plastic wrapping made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Utilizing siding material in home improvement offers protection and durability.

Moreover, vinyl siding offers various advantages like weather resistance, easy installation, various texture and color options, and cost-effectiveness. Keep scrolling to learn more about these benefits of vinyl siding.


One of the major reasons property owners use vinyl siding is its durability. It’s intended to withstand harsh weather conditions, including hail and heavy wind. Moreover, vinyl siding has high impact resistance. Winter storms come with debris and falling tree limbs that can ruin the exterior of your home or rental. Decor outdoors coming from your neighbors’ homes may also hit your house. With quality vinyl siding, your property is well-protected. Vinyl siding usually includes a lifetime warranty too.

Vinyl siding is also resistant to moisture. Hence, rust, corrosion, rotting, and warping are avoided. Furthermore, it offers easy maintenance. You won’t have to paint, scrape, or replace wood rots as wood siding requires. Once installed, you don’t have to perform any regular upkeep. You don’t need to use ladders or spend your weekends on maintenance work. You just have to hose it off every year or so.


The top benefits of vinyl siding include its cost-effectiveness. Compared to bricks and wood, vinyl costs less. Moreover, its installation cost is lower than other options. Insulated vinyl siding is also energy-efficient. Through thermal bridging, insulated vinyl siding prevents heat loss. It functions like a protective blanket, keeping your home or rental warmer during winter and cooler during summer.

Vinyl siding won’t disappoint when it comes to longevity either. It can last for around 20 to 40 years. You can expect a higher return on investment too. According to a cost vs value report in 2022, vinyl siding replacement provides over 67% ROI.

Style and Design

Vinyl siding is also well-loved because of its wide range of styles and design options. You can choose from different colors and profiles. It can mimic natural materials too. Some vinyl siding even looks exactly the same as cedar and stone. From dutch lap and shakes to board and battens, vinyl siding can look like different siding materials. It looks so great that people won’t even notice the difference.

Moreover, various customization options are waiting for you. You can simply mix and match to achieve the look that you want for your house exterior. With the help of a reliable vinyl siding contractor like Southwest Ohio Roof Defense (SWORD), you can enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase property value too. Whether you simply want to give your exterior a fresh look or want to update it before selling your home, vinyl siding is the right choice for you.

Ease of Installation

Home improvement projects are usually time-consuming, and you may end up stressed and overwhelmed. Fortunately, you won’t have these kinds of problems with vinyl siding. It’s lightweight and has an interlocking design, making the installation fast and easy. You’ll only need minimal tools and labor too. Hence, the whole installation process is quick and efficient, especially if you let vinyl siding contractors in Cincinnati Ohio like SWORD do the job for you.

Environmental Benefits

Vinyl siding is not only known for its affordability and durability but it’s also an eco-friendly and sustainable option. You won’t have to do painting, caulking, or filling. This means you can reduce the use of toxic chemicals and manage your carbon footprint. Vinyl scrap is even recyclable.

The siding is also an energy-efficient option. Insulated vinyl siding can give you energy credit on your taxes, allowing you to save money. As it provides minimal impact on natural resources compared to other types of siding, vinyl siding is one great way to help protect the environment.

Choosing the Right Vinyl Siding Contractor

While you can take the DIY route, hiring a professional contractor makes a huge difference. Cutting-edge tools and equipment are used, so you can expect proper siding installation. Moreover, these experts are licensed and insured. Hence, you won’t have to stress yourself about potential damage, accidents, and different types of permits.

You will receive expert recommendations too. Professionals help ensure you have the best siding options based on your needs, preferences, budget, and weather conditions in Cincinnati. As a local family-owned and operated contractor, SWORD ensures your varying siding installation and replacement needs are covered.

When looking for professional vinyl siding contractors, insurance and licensing are important. They should have liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, so you gain protection in case of work-related accidents.

A contractor should have a proven track record too. Their years of experience in the business reflect the quality of their work. At SWORD, we take pride in the certifications and recognitions we’ve earned through our hard work and dedication to satisfying your siding and other home improvement needs.

The contractor has to give you a written estimate of the costs as well. These include labor charges and material costs. Terms and exceptions should be laid out clearly. Moreover, know the payment plans to set the right expectations and budget accordingly. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about permits, pricing options, and more. A great contractor will be glad to explain things clearly and honestly to you.

A trusted contractor offers a warranty and guarantee too, which shows their confidence in their products and services. Moreover, a reliable vinyl siding contractor like SWORD receives good reviews and ratings from previous clients. Through such feedback, you’ll know the kind of service you’ll get from the contractor.

Final Thoughts

From durability and cost-effectiveness to style, design, and ease of installation, the benefits of vinyl siding make it a worthy investment. To maximize these benefits, you’ll need to work with reputable vinyl siding contractors in Cincinnati Ohio like SWORD. We can help you with insurance claims too.

Contact us today or request a free inspection and estimate for quality vinyl siding repair and installation in no time.

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