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All About Siding

Siding is the material you see installed on the exterior walls of homes or any residential-style buildings. Also called cladding, siding is a protective material that keeps homeowners and their things safe inside the house. Apart from the durability that siding provides, it also gives homes curb appeal.

The earliest known exterior siding material is brick, dating back to 7000 BC in Turkey. The brick structure used coarsely crafted clay blocks that people unintentionally left under the hot sun. The heat dried and hardened the blocks, and the rest was history.

Tracing the fascinating history of exterior siding, we can’t help but be engrossed in how the materials and the installation process have developed over time. Now, you can find various types of sidings that you can install for your home.

What Is the Best Home Siding Material?

As mentioned above, siding is available in plenty of styles and colors. It can also be made with various materials of different strengths and advantages. Choosing the best home siding material starts with knowing the options. Here are some of the most common siding materials:

Wood Siding

Wood siding is considered a traditional type of siding. Homeowners who want a versatile and classic look should go for this option.

Wood siding, unlike other materials, provides a natural look to homes. Some of the most common wood used for siding is redwood, spruce, pine, and cedar. Homeowners can also opt to stain or paint the material before installation.

A cedar siding installation gives a rustic look to homes. Generally, wood sidings are eco-friendly, but they might need more maintenance compared to other siding materials. Homeowners must also ensure that their wood is adequately treated before installation to prevent damage.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl became widely available in the late 1960s and has always been a popular choice for siding. The material has incomparable versatility and durability and needs low maintenance and costs. Vinyl sidings are great for homeowners who want a synthetic look. They also only need washing every now, and they retain colors. Homeowners on a budget can do vinyl siding installation on their own. However, professional installers are still recommended.

Vinyl sidings are one of the easiest to install and are available in different forms. They can also mimic other materials at lower costs! The biggest challenge for those who choose vinyl sidings is the effect on the environment. The material is non-biodegradable, so it can end up in landfills if not recycled. But, because of their durability, homeowners can have them for decades with proper installation and maintenance.

Fiber Cement Siding

Another excellent alternative for wood siding is fiber cement. Fiber cement siding is becoming increasingly popular because of its look and warmth. It’s made of a special combination of sand, cement, and wood fibers, and it’s affordable, durable, and almost maintenance-free.

Fiber cement siding is fireproof and water-resistant. It’s also safe from insect attacks. The material is available in different textures and homeowners can opt for pre-coated or pre-painted siding. Pre-coated siding is ready for installation right from the factory, and pre-painted siding is painted or stained after installation.

One of the best brands that manufacture fiber cement sidings is James Hardie, founded in the 19th century in Melbourne, Australia. A James Hardie siding installation guarantees endurance even in northern and southern climates. The only challenge is the material’s weight, which might increase installation costs.

The best siding material depends on the homeowner’s ideal style and the location’s environment. Homeowners should also consider the need for maintenance and their budget. It’s best to consult with experts to determine which siding material best suits the homeowner’s preferences and objectives. Overall, siding materials are designed to give homes versatile looks and long-lasting durability.

Roof Repair Job in Cincinnati
Roof Repair Job in Cincinnati

Why Trust Professional Siding Installers in Cincinnati?

When it comes to homes and any type of building, it’s crucial to work with a professional. Even if DIY is an option, only the experts know the complete advantages and risks of siding installations. When homeowners hire professional siding installers in Cincinnati, they also invest in:

Safety and Convenience

Siding installation is a whole process that can be dangerous to regular individuals. Experts use tools and equipment to ensure that they install siding properly and safely, which affects the siding’s durability in the long run. Moreover, professional installers are licensed and insured. Homeowners won’t have to worry about paperwork, accidents, injuries, and damage.

Professional Recommendations

Experts know the best prices and deals. They also know Cincinnati’s weather conditions and environments, so they can recommend the best products and choices. Homeowners can rest assured that they’ll maximize their budget without compromising quality.

Warranty and Guarantee

Professional siding installers offer warranties or guarantees for their services and products. Should something happen with their siding, homeowners won’t have to worry about getting them covered and fixed.

What Are the Benefits of Siding Installation?

Siding installation has many advantages. While it will require a decent budget, homeowners are guaranteed to get their money’s worth. With siding installation, homeowners can:

Expect Less Maintenance

Installing siding means homeowners don’t have to settle for paint, which can peel and discolor over the years. Any paint job, even a professional one, cannot withstand the heat and weather changes forever. It will require repainting every few years.

Unlike paint, siding requires less maintenance, especially when installed properly. Homeowners also don’t have to worry about discoloration if they invest in high-quality materials. Siding doesn’t fade and warp, meaning its beauty is long-lasting. With siding installation, there’s no need to hire painting contractors yearly to keep houses durable and looking neat.

Spend Less Money

A siding installation saves homeowners time and money from renovations and repainting. Moreover, there are many siding options with different costs, so there’s always a material that suits your budget. If properly installed and maintained, siding lasts longer than other building material options, so it’s considered an excellent investment. Many brands also offer warranties, allowing homeowners to make the most of what they paid.

Siding installation is also easy, so homeowners don’t need long timeframes that add to labor costs.


Siding adds to a home’s durability by protecting the exterior from weather elements. Depending on the material, siding can withstand harsh weather conditions and do away with cracks and breaks homeowners worry about. Siding also repels water, which means homes are not susceptible to molding and rotting.

Siding is light and easy to manipulate, but its durability is guaranteed. Manufacturers and installers can easily cut materials to fit any house shape. Ultimately, siding is the best option for all-weather home exteriors, saving homeowners from uncontrollable and unwanted damage.

Many Styling Options

A home can stand out in the neighborhood through siding installation. Various styles and colors are available and most materials can be painted a specific color of your choice. The wide range of available styles for siding gives homes unique looks that express unique characters and vibes.

SWORD: Masters in Siding Installation in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is undeniably one of the most thriving cities in Ohio. SWORD aims to make your Cincinnati home last a lifetime. SWORD’s roofing crews have decades of experience, and we are experts in all scopes of roofing and building jobs. For siding installation in the city, we give homeowners the highest-quality materials and services.

SWORD is committed to providing the services that homeowners deserve. With our earned recognition and certifications, we strive to help you build and maintain your homes for safety and comfort. We also offer insurance claims services, assuring you that we value you and your home.

Your Cincinnati home can look and function at its best with our siding installation. Let’s get to work now. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate today!

Free Assistance On Insurance Claims

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Amazing Client Reviews

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Logan WilliamsLogan Williams
14:43 19 Dec 23
Curry helped us with some storm damage to our recently purchased home in New Richmond. Curry helped us navigate through the entire insurance process and assisted us in getting our roof replaced. If it wasn’t for SWORD I would still have a damaged roof and would still be dealing with insurance.The install for our roof was completed in 1 day with a beautiful Owen’s Corning roof. I’m so happy and grateful with the entire process, you will not be disappointed in working with Sword or Curry.
Richard KolpRichard Kolp
11:51 14 Nov 23
The company installed a skylight for me. It was a fairly difficult project but they handled it well. They kept coming back until I was satisfied and did extra work that was not in the original quote at no extra charge. My experience is that they put the customer first.
Carl TuckCarl Tuck
19:01 13 Nov 23
My experience with Ameripro was great, Jeremy was very professional. I enjoyed letting him guide me through the process.
Kelan MacyKelan Macy
13:55 01 Nov 23
They did a great job! Were attentive, were extremely fair on price. I would highly recommend. Thanks guys!
Donny MillerDonny Miller
02:49 31 Oct 23
Tristen FieldsTristen Fields
04:15 04 Oct 23
I’m very happy with my roof services by SWORD. Brady Gregory was who I worked with, and dude was incredibly helpful the entire time. He was also incredibly transparent, which is something you don’t get anymore. At the house exactly when they told us, Incredibly fast at getting the job done, and it looks great! Couldn’t ask for a better experience.
Elizabeth MchaleElizabeth Mchale
00:01 13 Aug 23
Brady helped us find the perfect color scheme and was very responsive throughout the entire process . He was helpful and answered every question we had . The crew was polite , professional , and did an amazing job with the clean up process . We love our new roof !
Adam DresslerAdam Dressler
14:38 30 Jul 23
SWORD was awesome to work with! Great experience from inspection to installation. Brady Gregory was very knowledgeable and worked with us every step of the way. Give them a call if you need a new roof or just need repairs.
Daniel PingerDaniel Pinger
13:48 24 Feb 23
SWORD did a great job with replacing my roof. Great communication from Justin & Curry from start to completion. They answered my guestions, provide samples & information for products quickly when I asked & very professional with everything. Day of installation they were on time & immediately started removing old roof after laying down protection mats for my property & then kept me updated with photo/calls on any damage found, then through out thier progress of the new install. Would highly recommend this company to anyone!!! Great company to work with!!!
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