The Hidden Costs of Siding Installation and How To Avoid Them

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Siding

Installing new siding can help increase home value, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. However, before initiating the work, you should consider the costs of siding installation, especially the hidden ones. This way, you’ll know what to expect, can plan your budget accordingly, and learn how to avoid these hidden costs.

Site preparation, materials, labor, warranty, insurance, cleanup, and several other things have respective costs that will impact the total amount you’ll have to pay for the installation. Siding installation can also be a complex and rigorous process, hence the hidden costs. Keep scrolling to learn how you can prepare better for this home improvement project.

Hidden Cost #1: Preparation and Site Preparation Costs

Preparation and site preparation costs involve labor and material costs related to making your home or area fit for siding installation. Examples of labor here are getting rid of old siding and remaining caulk and clearing the construction area around the house. Contractors will also apply furring strips and panel the structure.

The impact of preparation and site preparation costs on the overall siding installation cost varies according to how heavy the work is and the types of materials used to make your home suitable for installation. To help save on preparation and site preparation costs, you can do the following:

  • Trim or tie trees and shrubs that are close to where the siding installation will be. Remove or relocate items outdoors, like garden tools, patio furniture, bicycles, potted plants, and children’s toys. This way, the installation process will be faster and smoother.
  • Cut the grass short, so the siding contractors can easily recover screws, nails, and staples that may have been misplaced during the siding installation. Doing so can also help prevent damage.
  • Get rid of picture frames, unstable shelves, mounted TVS, and other items that may fall during the installation while interior walls shake.
  • Provide a clear pathway for the siding installation crew, and move your vehicles away from the site. This can help expedite the installation process too and prevent unwanted damage.

Hidden Cost #2: Materials and Labor Costs

Materials and labor costs are huge factors in the overall cost of siding installation. Different siding materials and the amount of work required will create a difference in cost. For example, vinyl siding is cheap, durable, and stylish.

Meanwhile, stone and brick siding is usually expensive. Moreover, the installation process is long and costly. Cement also costs more than vinyl, wood, and metal. It’s durable and only needs little maintenance. However, since it’s heavy, installation is more expensive, given that more labor is also needed.

Hidden Cost #3: Permits and Inspections

New siding installation requires permits and inspections. Your local government requests them to ensure safety and structural soundness. The siding should be able to withstand local weather. Moreover, the surface underneath your chosen siding should be sealed to prevent any moisture in the walls. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with mold and rot issues. For this reason, the house has to be inspected to ensure it’s properly sealed.

Given the importance of complying with local building codes and ensuring quality and safety, permits and inspections contribute to the overall cost of your siding installation. You may have to pay a particular amount, but some contractors won’t indicate this in their quotes. This may not be deliberate as each community varies.

To mitigate costs on permits and inspections, visit your local office, and inquire about the necessary permits. Each local government has different rules. You can apply yourself to save on costs, but this will take a significant amount of your time as well. Ask neighbors, friends, and family who have undergone the same process.

Hidden Cost #4: Warranty and Insurance Costs

Apart from the materials, labor, and inspections, you’re also paying for the warranty and insurance coverage. New siding includes a manufacturer’s warranty, but a contractor warranty also guarantees workmanship or the quality of their work. At the same time, insurance costs give you protection against work-related injuries and accidental property damage. Depending on the warranty and kind of insurance coverage the contractor will provide, the total cost of siding installation will also vary.

Some contractors do not provide warranty coverage for the installation itself. Others will make it seem that the siding installation is already included in the manufacturer’s warranty even if it’s not the case.

To help reduce warranty and insurance costs, ask contractors about the kinds of insurance coverage they offer. Ask for a copy of their policies, and read them carefully. You might also want to contact the insurance provider to confirm the coverage. For the warranties, see if the contractor provides labor and material guarantees. Choose ones with more generous terms.

Hidden Cost #5: Clean-Up and Disposal Costs

Removing old siding takes a lot of work and can be costly depending on your home’s size and how much siding needs to be taken care of. Moreover, the contractor will dispose of the siding properly, which is another cost.

Apart from the removal, the siding team will also do a thorough cleanup once the installation is complete. This final cleanup and inspection will make sure no nails and debris are left in your yard. From siding removal to placing debris in the dumpster, clean-up and disposal costs will then affect the total siding installation cost.

To reduce the costs of siding in terms of cleanup and disposal, you might want to remove the siding yourself. Moreover, keep your kids, pets, and valuables away from the area, so you can prevent accidents or damage and avoid spending more money.


Hidden costs of siding installation include site preparation, materials and labor, permits and inspections, warranty and insurance, and cleanup and disposal. You can avoid them by being proactive, doing your research, and even doing some of the work yourself.

Considering these hidden costs when planning your siding installation project helps you set the right expectations and budget properly. Meanwhile, working with a reliable professional contractor like SWORD will help make the planning and installation process easier for you.

Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate, and let us help you plan and execute a successful siding project.

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