Tips and Tricks From Your Local Roofing Company

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Tips & Tricks

1. Did You Know That Most Roofs Have Storm Related Damage On Them?

Most of that damage cannot be seen from the ground. An annual roof inspection (free in most cases) will keep you up to date on the condition of your roof. In the event that your roof does have storm related damage, your insurance company will more than likely PAY to replace your roof! Even minimal damage can lead to your roof being paid for by your insurance company (without your rates being raised). The reason you will not be personally penalized is because there’s nothing you can do to protect your home from hail/wind damage. Instead, the entire area affected by the storm will see a slight increase in their rates due to living in a higher risk zone. So, you’re contributing to the pie and you might as well get your piece! This provides you as a homeowner/business owner a very good opportunity to keep your house/business up to date and for very little cost to you (your deductible).

2. Maintenance Leads To Roof Longevity

“But my roof is only 5 years old! It shouldn’t need any work!” This is a very common phrase I’ve heard over the years, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, your roof is made up of more than just shingles and nails. In most cases, your roof will have certain accessories (satellite dish, box vents, etc.) and flashings (pipe boots, chimney flashing, valleys, etc.) and these items are the most vulnerable to weather intrusion. Caulking fails within 5 years in most cases. Animals look for a warm place during the winter. Don’t let tiny maintenance lead to a catastrophic event.

3. Roof Ventilation Is A Key Element To A Healthy Roof System

You should have an intake source through your soffits (soffit vents) and an exhaust source (ridge vent, box vents, power vents). There are many different situations in which to calculate the proper ventilation for your specific roof. If your roof is not being properly vented, it could cut the life of the roof system in half. Signs of improper ventilation are blistering shingles, rot and decay on the wood sheathing from moisture in the attic, rusty nails protruding through the wood sheathing, various changes of temperature inside the house and blistering or peeling paint. Make sure your roofing professional understands all the elements that go into properly venting your roof.

4. Low Slope Roofs Should Not Be Shingled

Shingles connect by butt joints. Slow moving water can access these butt joints and cause massive leaks. For low sloped roofs, it is recommended to use rubber EPDM, roll roofing or TPO material as this type of material has fewer joints and is sometimes seamless.

5. Poor Workmanship Can Void Manufacturer Warranties

Make sure your contractor is a preferred contractor for one of the major shingle manufacturers ( ex. SWORD is a preferred contractor with Owens Corning). This does not guarantee you will get high quality workmanship but it will certainly increase your odds.

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