A Crash Course on Energy-Efficient Insulation Options for Your Home

by | May 8, 2023 | Insulation

Energy-efficient insulation allows you to save on your home energy costs. Insulation keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With lower energy consumption, you’re also helping protect the environment. Moreover, insulation helps reduce noise from the outside. You can even enjoy a higher home value because of energy-efficient insulation options.

At Southwest Ohio Roof Defense, we take pride in providing homeowners in the Greater Cincinnati area with affordable but top-quality insulation services. We’ve been in the business for over two decades. With our team’s expertise in energy-efficient insulation options, you can expect efficient and professional insulation with long-lasting results.

Different types of insulation, including fiberglass insulation, spray in foam insulation, cellulose insulation, and mineral wool insulation have their pros and cons. To choose the right insulation option for you, consider factors like climate and building design. With SWORD’s experienced technicians, competitive prices, and proven techniques, you can make the most of your investment.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is the most popular kind of insulation used in homes. It includes fine glass fibers and comes in long rolls or batts, rigid boards, loose fill, and certain duct insulation. Fiberglass insulation works for both new and existing structures.

One advantage of fiberglass insulation is it’s affordable and effective. It also does not shrink and catch fire. Moreover, fiberglass insulation doesn’t attract insects. Compared to cellulose insulation, fiberglass insulation is not too dusty during installation.

However, fiberglass insulation tends to degrade from moisture exposure. The R-value, which refers to an insulating material’s capacity to resist heat flow, also decreases as the fiberglass settles over time. You’ll need a vapor barrier to avoid moisture. Inhaling or mishandling fiberglass can be dangerous to your health. Compared to spray foam in cold climates, fiberglass is less effective.

Which Insulation Option Is Right for You?

When choosing the right insulation for your home, consider factors like budget, climate, and building design.

Some energy-efficient insulation options have higher upfront costs. However, you can save money in the long run. If you’re on a budget, on the other hand, you can also go for relatively cheaper options, like fiberglass and cellulose.

Consider where you live as well. If the climate needs you to have a higher R-value, then pick an insulation type that suits this. Moreover, make sure the insulation type you choose matches the building design. If the home is already insulated, check the R-value and see if you can improve it. Experienced professionals like SWORD can give you the right recommendation and solution based on your needs and preferences.


Each insulation type has various pros and cons. For example, fiberglass is affordable and efficient but it settles over time and can cause health risks. Cellulose is also an inexpensive choice, but it takes longer to dry and can promote mold and mildew growth.

To save money, increase comfort, and get better home value, consider energy-efficient insulation for your home. We’ll help you pick the right insulation type for your needs. Southwest Ohio Roof Defense complies with codes and regulations, uses cutting-edge materials, and ensures excellent results for you. Request a free quote today to experience these benefits and more!

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